Why Choose Us

Flexibility and capacity
our comprehensive machinery range, structure and innovative manufacturing methods mean that we are able to  respond quickly as market and customer demands fluctuate.

Who are our customers?
We produce product for customers at many levels including end users, merchants and retailers/stockists

Quality & BRC Certified
Our long experience means that we are consistently able to match the raw materials and mix for the job given the application required. Certified up to BRC food standard means you know exactly what to expect.

DEREK LAMBERT POLYTHENE LIMITED is a private company, still owned by Mr Lambert, formed in the early 1980’s when commercial polymer and film manufacturing began it’s fast ascent to where we are now. Our business continues to thrive, but we still retain many close relationships with customers and suppliers from the early days. We pride ourselves on our expertise, experience and dealing with others with a friendly openness, helping our customers grow their businesses.


  • 1981- Mr. Derek Lambert founded the company at the present site in Bingley, West Yorkshire.
  • 2012- BRC Accreditation achieved for food industry use.
  • 1985-2016- Polymer and additive ranges and global supply developed.
  • 1985-2016- In-house manufacturing grew as did the range of machinery.
  • 1985-2016- Methods, processes, material combinations and polythene use/applications widen.

Our Manufacturing Site


Our raw materials, products and manufacturing site conforms to various quality, operating and trade standards, rules and directives including (but not limited to):

  • BRC Global Standards (Packaging and Packaging Materials) Issue 5:2015
  • HSE – Operating Safley – Protecting our workforce and visitors to our site
  • Certified Prime Raw Materials
  • Trade Compliance Rules
  • Prime product standards


Sales and direct deliveries to the UK & Scandinavia. Our Polythene is used in packaging goods for transport across the globe.


We recycle over 90% of our waste polythene materials internally, the rest externally, re-use wooden pallets and other materials where ever possible.
But sustainability is more than just the environmental impact of our activities. Continuity of our business by manufacturing and dealing with all matters responsibly and reasonably is of great importance to us and our customers to ensure a reliable, mutually beneficent service.